An Overview

Mr. Sanjay Mahashabde, an architect, attracted towards Vaidic philosophy, astrology and many ancient texts of Indian wisdom has led to creation of Vaidic Sanskar Architechtonics (I) Pvt. Ltd.
He stresses on our ancient philosophy which thinks of human beings not as just creations of flesh and blood but as creatures with soul and mind. Mr. Mahashabde is involved in the research of subtle energy field which envelopes all human beings and everything that surround humans.
Space, Time and Architecture
International Conference at Indore, M.P. Vaastu Panorama 2008 - By Institution of Vaastu Science (IVS) Indore, MP, India 15, 16 & 17th February 2008.
"Beyond the thin film of false reality (Modern Architecture) there exists another reality (Ancient Wisdom) from which, for some reason, something separates us."
This is a preliminary information about our experiment of a revolutionary clock, which seeks to know the Time science. The quantitative part of Time useful for every person in daily life and various Time measuring systems like Solar and Lunar. This is an attempt to know by placing this lie before the students, the comparative relationship between the Time, Science and Architecture.


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